ACES members can now post!

The ACES website has been updated with new functions.

  • Scrolling pictures on the home page to advertise major events.
  • Both and locate to this website.
  • All ACES members will be allowed to “post” (like is shown here) or comment.
  • Just send a comment using the section below, and the webmaster will review and send a confirmation e-mail with your own personal password to grant access. Non-ACES will be denied, no-exceptions.
  • The new post function allows pictures to be shared with the world (so be careful what you post).
  • Quick editing is now available, which means updates to club events occurs mush faster.
  • Links to the Facebook sites for all three sections (So-Cal, Europe, and Nevada) are available on the home page. (Hover over the circle “f” on the home page.
  • Enjoy, and let me know if you need a change, or help.

– Aces website administrator

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  1. Hello Brad tgis is Francisco

  2. Hey Brad. It’s Brad K.

  3. Hey Brad this is Jefe!

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