Hot Rod Resurrection 12



May 20, 2017  – 10am to 3pm, at Old World Village

Jalopy Journal -H.A.M.B.



Resurrection 12 from above



TROPHYS – Trophy Builder

Best of Show – Bob

Best Home Built – Francisco

Best Custom – Bob

Best Traditional – Rick

Best Truck – Matt

Laces Choice


  1. Patrick Weston

    Why am I just hearing about this?! And the Hot Rod Trio?!? I’m so there!!

    • I’m glad that you heard in time! Hope that you can make it!
      We are consistently posting on Facebook, Instagram, and the The H.A.M.B.
      We passed out lots of flyers at various hot Rodder hangouts and vendors, and of course posted it to this website. Old World is promoting the show on their website and Facebook account as well.

  2. So looking forward to this. How do I get a password ? Thanks

  3. Richard Hassebrock

    Sweet! Love this location. And love the Hot Rod Trio. Sure to be a great event. Looking forward to it.

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